Best Air Freshener Sachets

lifetop 16Packs Lavender & Rose Closet Air Freshener Deodorizer Scented Sachets Bags for Drawer Closets, Wardrobes and Bedrooms, Car Scent (Lavender + Rose)

  • ...degrees north latitude, which is suitable for lavender growth. Lavender flower grow in high organic matter soil and is irrigated with snow melt water rich in minerals from alpine glaciers. The lavender flower bud is naturally dried, so its aroma is mellow, strong and long-lasting..
  • High Application ValueLavender Air Freshener Bag can be used as an air refresher and natural deodorizer to remove the odors and purify the air. Home Fragrance Sachets can relieve your anxiety, keep you in a happy mood, and help you to sleep better..
  • Multi-Use OccasionsLavender sachet bags can be placed in bedrooms, closets, bathrooms, drawers, wardrobes, cars, etc. Sachet Craft Bags can also be used to decorate such as wedding toss, birthday parties, important festivals occasions. Lavender scented sachet is also perfect for Mother's Day gift, Birthday gift, Valentines day gift, gifts for her or the one you love..
  • Exquisite PackagingThe sealed packaging bag includes 4 ounces of dried lavender granules and 12 sachet empty craft bags. You can make amount of lavender packets according to your needs. Remember to keep the outer bag sealed after each use..
  • Our Service Blooming Love team strive to provide better lavender-related products. If you have any suggestions or questions, plea....
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Dried Lavender Flower Buds - A Culinary Food Grade Herb Perfect for Baking, Loose Leaf Tea, Potpourri Bags, & Bath Bombs (Gluten Free, Vegan, Raw) - 1 Lbs Bag

  • Grown In France - France's highest grade of culinary lavender..
  • Wonderfully Fragrant – A natural and lovely smelling air freshener. Let the bright and vibrant smell of world-class lavender petals fill your home..
  • Enhances Recipes – Use the best quality for your cooking, cakes, infusing teas, creamer, seasonings, syrups, yogurt, ice cream, lemonade, salad dressing, macarons, shortbread cookies, scones, lattes, cocktails and more. Sprinkle lavender on top of recipes as a beautiful garnish..
  • Lavender Crafts – Perfect for DIY projects and for making beautiful gifts. Create your own potpourri bags, lavender powder, candles, dryer sheet sachets, long lasting pillows and heating pads, making bath soaps, scrubs, salts and more..
  • Soothing Health Benefits – Calm your mind and relax your body with a warm cup of lavender infused tea..
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The Crown Choice Air Freshener Spray (2 Pack) – Vanilla Cinnamon Non-Toxic Air Freshener for Home – Natural Essential Oil Spray and Odor Eliminator – Deodorizer for Home, Toilet, Room and Lounge (4oz)

  • ❤️ Vanilla room spray air freshener: Vanilla cinnamon spray room spray air freshener scent is nice and gentle. Not overpowering. Long lasting scent is calming and can help you relax..
  • ✨ Bathroom deodorizer spray: Air fresheners for bathroom. This vanilla room spray doesn't mask odors and that's why it's efficient as a bathroom spray deodorizer. A little spray goes a long way..
  • ✅ Essential oil room spray: Not just a bathroom air freshener spray. This room spray is an essential oil-based room spray for any area in the house. It's made from plant-derived ingredients..
  • ✅ Not just a natural room spray: Our air fresheners spray is not just a room spray, pillow spray, or linen spray. This vanilla air freshener can also be used on your body. It's very safe..
  • ✅ Vanilla cinnamon air freshener made in the USA: Our non toxic vanilla room freshener spray is made in Texas where all our manufacturing quality control standards are met..
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TimeMist Metered Automatic Aerosol Dispenser Refill, Spring Flowers - 5.3 Ounce (Case of 12) 1042712 - Air Freshener Refills Last 30 Days and Neutralizes Tough Odors

  • AIR FRESHENERS AUTOMATIC SPRAY: automatic air freshener has an LCD screen Visualized operation programmable: The fragrance frequency can be set at will (1-60 minutes).
  • Provides three working modes from Monday to Friday, Monday to Saturday, and Monday to Sunday.
  • Working time can be set at will (1-24 hours), such as 9:00 am (start time) to 5:00 pm (stop time). Interval spraying time and working mode can be programmed according to your needs to control costs..
  • AUTOMATIC SPRAY REFILL: automatic air freshener spray dispenser matches the international standard size automatic spray refill (5.89oz~6.2oz). You can get suitable perfume refills for free on Amazon or your local store. Choose the scent you like and let our automatic spray dispenser complete the job of keeping the air fresh in the space. (Note: please reset the automatic pressing lever before use, otherwise the refill cannot be ​installed.).
  • BATTERY-POWERED AUTOMATIC SPRAYER: the air freshener spray automatic requires 2 D-type batteries (not included) to bring lasting fragrance to your bedroom, bathroom, living room, guest room, office, beauty center, gym, etc. It is also equipped with mounting screw accessories and nail-free stickers for easy installation. Detailed instructions make setup and....
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Little Trees Vent Wrap Air Freshener 4-Packs Car Air Freshner Black Ice

  • Gentle coastal breezes and a blend of crisp apple and summer melon.
  • THE ORIGINAL CAR AIR FRESHENER: LITTLE TREES is the original car air freshener that freshens at home and on the road..
  • LONG-LASTING FRAGRANCE EXPERIENCE: Specialized proprietary technologies combined with exceptional fragrances deliver long-lasting quality results..
  • MORE THAN JUST A CAR AIR FRESHENER: Freshen up at home or on the road with the original car air freshener. Great to use in laundry rooms, garages,....
  • FRESHEN YOUR LIFE: LITTLE TREES air fresheners come in a wide range of product styles and fragrances, making it easy to find one you love!.
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New 357292 Glade Spray Apple Cinnamon 8 Oz (12-Pack) Air Freshener Cheap Wholesale Discount Bulk Cleaning Air Freshener Bud Vase

  • Renuzit solid air freshener cones feature the fragrance of a delightfully warm blend of red apples, cinnamon and cloves.
  • The Blissful Apple & Cinnamon air freshener adds the ultimate comforting touch to every room, particularly your small spaces like bathrooms, bedrooms, closets and next to the kitchen sink.
  • Each cone delivers non-stop freshness for up to 3 weeks.
  • Solid air freshener cone adjusts to the level of fragrance perfect for you. Simply pull to your preferred fragrance level – pull all the way up for the most fragrance and twist down to decrease fragrance level.
  • Fill small spaces with the fresh aromas from a Renuzit Gel Cone Air Freshener.
  • This package contains 12 Renuzit Solid Gel Air Freshener Cones in a Apple & Cinnamon scent.
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Air Essentials Air Freshener & Odor Neutralizer Gel Beads - Odor Eliminator - Made with Pure Essential Oils - Eucalyptus Mint - 12 Ounce - 2 Pack

  • NATURAL AIR FRESHENER FOR HOME: Add a relaxing & natural floral scent to your home with Air Freshener Lemongrass Spray. Made with pure lemongrass oil, the lemongrass scent aromatizes your home and can promote relaxation and peace. It's the perfect fabric refresher spray for linen and bedding..
  • REMOVE ODOR FROM BATHROOM: Spray 5-10 times on the toilet bowl before use. The natural lemongrass oil will form a natural layer on top of the water to help conceal the smell. The pure lemongrass scent makes this air freshener a super effective toilet spray..
  • ADD A FRESH SMELL TO ANY ROOM: Whether you’re dealing with a smelly living room, a damp bathroom, or a stuffy office room, our natural Lemongrass Scented Air Freshener Spray will help to deodorize & freshen the space with a bright, vibrant fragrance..
  • PERFECTLY PACKAGED: Our Air Freshener Spray is wonderfully packaged and ready to enjoy in a convenient spray bottle. Simply spritz out the perfect amount of fresh lemongrass oil scent to keep it fresh for your next fragrant indulgence..
  • LOVE IT GUARANTEE: We understand that you have placed your trust in us to provide you with the best quality, most beneficial & most fragrant Air Freshener Spray. That’s why we offer a 100% guarantee of your enjoyment of this ho....
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LITTLE TREES Car Air Freshener | Hanging Paper Tree for Home or Car | Strawberry | 6 Pack

  • ROOM & CAR AIR FRESHENER: BluntPower Air Freshener Sprays are intended to fill your home, car, or office with incredible scents that cover all types of odors and smells!.
  • QUALITY FORMULA: Competitor's air sprays are water based and never last long. We use a unique, scented oil-based formula that's designed for long lasting scents. Just a few sprays will last for days!.
  • LUXURY FRESH SCENTS: Our fragrances have all been crafted by world class perfumers. These same heavy hitters have worked with internationally known Pop artists, R&B singers, rappers and national clothing detergent brands..
  • 3 PACK: Each bundle contains three Strawberry, 1.5 ounce spray air freshener bottles. Use it as a car freshener, room spray, bathroom spray, or spray for your gym bag! A great air freshener for home, work or on the go!.
  • GUARANTEE: All BluntPower Sprays are made in the USA and come with a 60 day money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied!.
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Super Sheet Small 7.5 x3.75 Under Seat Car Air Freshener Drakkar

  • Best deal of 1 pack CS-X3 Squash Air Freshener Unit and 2 packs Refill Cartridge.
  • Luxury & elegant design air freshener with last long fragrance.
  • Extreme fresh and smells clean citrus scent. This modern air freshener will keep your car smelling great.
  • High quality freshener that includes double sided tape to be mounted easily to vehicle dashboard, sliding lever to adjust scent.
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WEB FilterFresh Whole Home Cinnamon Air Freshener

  • Comes with one air freshener in cinnamon scent, air freshener lasts for days..
  • Air freshener masks odors throughout your entire home, office or apartment..
  • Easily attaches to any furnace or air conditioner filter, works great in small areas..
  • Filter fresh air fresheners can also be used to provide scent to individual spaces..
  • Bring the sweet and spicy fragrence of fall and winter to your home or office..
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