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Synthetic Engine Oil Treatment Additive Universally Compatible Performance Enhancing Reverses Engine Wear and Increases Vehicle Life and Mileage 8 Fl Oz by SHINE ARMOR

  • ...A cutting-edge, nanoparticle-based solution that works great for gas and diesel engines alike. It takes the properties of your host oil to the next level while preventing rust, oxidation & reduce friction..
  • Groundbreaking Formula Gear Oil. This revolutionary engine oil additive is eco friendly, made in the USA and contains scientifically backed synthetic oil nanoparticles to boost engine performance..
  • Universally Compatible. Our Engine Performance Booster oil treatment can be used in both gas and diesel engines, and old and new cars. Shine Armor's Oil Additive is compatible with all types of motor oil & engine oil like 5w30, 0w-20, 10w30, 5w20, 15w40 & more..
  • Quality Assured. We know you will be delighted with this ground-breaking engine additive technology. Our oil additive treatment is formulated using the latest technology and backwards-compatible with all vehicles..
  • Quick & Easy to Use. Effective in small two-cycle engines just add Performance Booster to the oil before mixing it with fuel. Use it to treat any oil lubricated system except air conditioning & a....
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Dental Fresh Advanced Whitening Formula Dog Water Additive 17 oz. (369048)

  • TOOTHBRUSH IN A BOTTLE – Dental Fresh Advanced Whitening Water Additive is the first and only clinically proven toothbrush in a bottle. Best for pets with advanced dental issues, halitosis, swollen gums, and/or discolored teeth. Suitable for everyday use..
  • ADVANCED WHITENING – This dog teeth whitening water additive is scientifically formulated to help noticeably reduce surface stains and reverse discoloration. Add it to your pet’s water bowl and it’s like brushing their teeth each time they take a drink..
  • ELIMINATES BAD BREATH – In addition to whitening pet’s teeth, this Dental Fresh water additive for dogs freshens breath, protects gums while helping eliminate plaque and tartar and improve dental health..
  • FIGHTS PERIODONTAL DISEASE – Dental Fresh Dog Water Additive for dental care helps fight periodontal disease without brushing. It contains no alcohol, no sugar, no surfactants or detergents and no pungent mint flavors, so it won’t disrupt drinking habits..
  • EFFECTIVE AND AFFORDABLE – SynergyLab's Dental Fresh cat and dog oral care products are created with premium ingredients at a price that pet parents can afford. We know your dogs and cats and are more than just pets, because we are pet parents too..
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Starlike Finishes Epoxy Grout Additive - Spotlight Glitter Collection 75 g 1-Pack

  • To achieve the metallic color of your choice, you must use this with our Starlike 113 Neutro Metallic base with the tile doctor metallic additive....
  • Metallic tiles, finishes and grouts add a sophisticated look and come in a range of textures and styles.
  • whether smooth and reflective or weathered....
  • Additive is available in pre-dosed package for 2.5 kg of Starlike 113 Neutro Grout Metallic base.
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VP Racing Fuels 2835 Madditive Diesel All-In-One Fuel Conditioner - 24 oz. Cleans Injectors & Pumps Restores power Disperses Water Reduces Smoking

  • VP DIESEL ALL-IN-ONE is EPA-registered and 100% street legal. It takes away the guesswork of figuring out which additive is the right one for you.
  • Increases diesel stability, cleans fuel system, pumps, and injectors while restoring power. Helps alleviate diesel "knock" by boosting cetane nearly two FULL numbers, keeping engine smooth and quiet.
  • TESTING (ASTM-D2274) show 85% LESS gum and sediment deposits in fuel treated w/ Diesel All-In-One. Received highest grade for corrosion protection (ASTM-D130) & corrosion resistance (NACE Intl. test).
  • DISPERSES water, reduces smoking, cleans sludge deposits, protects against biodiesel components, increases fuel mileage, & includes anti-gel additive to help keep fuel flowing in cold winter months.
  • Choosing the right diesel fuel additive is tough. Low-sulfur diesel is better for the environment, but comes at the cost of lubrication that diesel engines need, which is where an additive can help.
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Rust-Oleum 207009 Marine Anti-Slip Additive 1/2-Pint, 4 Ounce (Pack of 1), Clear, 11 Fl Oz

  • Non Skid Paint Additive Creates a Strong Slip Free Surface - Simply Mix with Paint or Sealer and Roll On.
  • Clear - Creates a Gritty Texture Without Color Change.
  • Chemical & Detergent Resistant Floor Grip.
  • Add Safety to Stairs & Walkways With This Non Slip Paint Additive.
  • 4 oz. Container Mixes with 1 Gallon of Material - Use as an Anti-Slip Paint Additive With Any Latex, Epoxy or Oil-Based Sealers or Paints.
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FlexColor 3D Pre-Mixed Grout… (205 - Frozen Fire)

  • Hemway Glitter Paint Additive is great for adding that extra sparkle to anything that you paint, such as walls, ceilings and furniture.
  • Light-Reflecting Glitter - This glitter contains premium quality light-reflecting crystals to give you an enhanced glitter sparkle effect in your paint.
  • Quick and Easy to Use - Simply add your desired amount of Glitter Paint Additive to your water-based paint or varnish, mix and apply to see the sparkly magic happen.
  • Colorfast & Fade Resistant - This Glitter Paint Additive contains high color pigment and premium raw materials which makes it fade and heat resistant, meaning the glitter will shine brighter for longer.
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free - Hemway glitter for paint is vegan and free from animal testing.
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EZ Dog Plaque Off Fresh Breath All-Natural Drinking Water Additive for Dogs and Cats | Best Water Additive for All Cats and Dogs | Great Way to Keep Your Pet's Mouth Clean -16 ounces

  • FRESHENS BREATH, FIGHTS PLAQUE AND TARTAR — Triplepet’s EZ Dog water additive will freshen breath within 24 hours.
  • DIRECTIONS — Shake bottle well before adding into fresh drinking water. Per 8 oz water, add 1/3 capful.
  • TASTELESS AND ODORLESS CAT WATER ADDITIVE — Cats won’t even know that they are getting their teeth cleaned as they drink from their water bowl.
  • SIMPLE INGREDIENTS — Just a few simple ingredients make up this cat dental water additive: Purified Filtered water, Yucca Schidigera, mint oil, potassium sorbate.
  • MADE IN THE USA — This EZ DOG Plaque Off cat dental water additive is proudly made in the USA.
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STA-BIL Fast Fix - Small Engine Treatment, Cleans Carburetors and Injectors, Fixes Rough Running Engines, Eliminates Water, Treats Up to 20 Gallons, 8oz (22304) , Green

  • FIXES ROUGH RUNNING ENGINES – STA-BIL Fast Fix eats away at gum and varnish that cause rough starts and no starts in your small engine equipment. This easy-to-use fuel additive combats the effects of ethanol blended gasoline..
  • ELIMINATES WATER – This fuel injector cleaner helps to remove water that may get into your fuel system. Penetrating deep into the fuel line, this simple fuel additive prevents the need to disassemble the engine. The 8 oz. bottle of this alcohol-free fuel additive treats up to 20 gallons of fuel..
  • VERSATILE – Compatible with all small engines, adding STA-BIL Fast Fix to your 2-cycle or 4-cycle small engine cleans carburetors and injectors while acting as a water remover. Use this product in your lawn mower, chainsaw, trimmer, snow blower, generator, and more..
  • DIRECTIONS – For rough running engines use 1 oz. of STA-BIL Fast Fix per 2.5 gallons of fuel. Fill with fresh gas. Start the engine and allow to run for 15 minutes to allow the additive to work its way through the fuel system. If the engine does not start, attempt to turn it over a few times so the additive makes its way through the fuel system and allow to sit overnight. Attempt to start again, if problems persist you may need to have it looked at by a mechanic..
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Bostik Dimension StarGlass Grout 700 Silver 9 lbs

  • Grouting - v1rtus Glitter Grout Additive is great for adding that much needed sparkle to any grout application such as bathroom & kitchen tiles, flooring, mosaics and DIY projects.
  • Colorfast & Fade Resistant - High color pigment ratio and premium raw materials means that the glitter will not leak any color or fade over time.
  • Enhanced Light-Reflecting Crystals - Glitter Grout Additive is the easiest way to take your tiles from boring to brilliant, this glitter will keep your grout project shining.
  • Quick and Easy to Use - Simply mix a maximum ratio of 100g (3.5oz) glitter per 1kg (2 lbs) of dry grout powder, then proceed to use the grout as instructed on your chosen product.
  • Vegan and Animal Cruelty Free - v1rtus Glitter Grout additive is vegan and cruelty free.
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Bestline Transmission & Hydraulic Systems Treatment - 12 Fl. Oz. - High Performance High Mileage Transmission Fluid - Lubricant Made with Nano Diamond Technology

  • BOOST THE EFFICIENCY OF ANY TRANSMISSION OIL -Enjoy improved lubricant performance with our innovative transmission oil additive. Using diamond nano-particles technology, our additive provides anti-wear and antifriction properties that are superior to plain transmission repair fluid..
  • ENHANCES THE ADDITIVES IN ALL ATF FLUIDS - Enhance any manual transmission additive or transmission assembly lubricant by helping prevent the oxidation of the additives in all ATF fluids. Our product also conditions all seals and O-rings for optimized effectiveness..
  • EXTENDS THE LIFE OF ALL AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS - The anti-scuffing and anti-wear properties of nano-diamonds make this the perfect transmission fix for lubricants used in cars, race engines, motorcycles, and any other vehicles..
  • EASY AND ECONOMICAL MAINTENCE - Enjoy an overall improved driving performance and help reduce CO2 emissions by boosting the fuel efficiency of your vehicle with our effective transmission treatment additive..
  • TRUSTED QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE - All Best Line Racing products are proudly made in the USA by transmission professionals looking to increase the fuel efficiency and running power of vehicles while lowering your costs..
  • Diamond Ceramic Coating Reduces the coefficient of friction be....
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