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PINVNBY Bird Feeding Dish Cups Parrot Stainless Steel Food Water Dish Perch Stand Platform Feeder Cage Bowl with Clamp Holder for Cockatiel Budgies Parakeet Macaw Small Animal Chinchilla(5 Pack)

  • 【Package quantity】approx. 3 Pcs Stainless Steel Dish Cups :12 cm/ 4.7 inch, 5.5 cm/ 2.2 inch,  Bird Grinding stick 2 Pcs:14 cm/ 5.5 inch, 2.0 cm/ 0.78 inch.Bird food cups can be applied for feeding many small animals, such as birds, parrots, pigeons, hamsters, gerbil ,guinea pig and so on..
  • 【Connect with various bird cages】Parrot feeding dish cups is designed with a firm clamp, It can secure to side of bird cage and be hanging in the cages.It can be applied to hold food and water,can prevents your bird from accidentally tipping food and water bowl. The hard coating on the surface also keeps beaks and nails trimmed naturally,safety to chew as well. .
  • 【100% Risk Free Purchase】If you do not satisfied with our product or simply just don’t like it, please contact us, we will give you a replacement or full refund.Buy with confidence!.
  • 【High Quality Material】Bird bowl is made of premium stainless steel, anti-corrosion, not easy to break or deform,It is non-toxic, tasteless and bacteria-free. The pet bowl comes with 2 parts, One is the brackets, The other part is the stainless steel bowl.Bird perch stand platform are made of nature wood with high quality quartz sand inside with food grade color,Rough surfaces make birds a co....
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Hedgehog Chair Mini Plastic Swivel Seat Small Animal Toys Habitat Decor Cage Accessories Hedgehog Supplies Photo Props Chair Toy for Hedgehog,Bird,Parrot,Mouse,Chinchilla Rat,Gerbil,Dwarf Hamster

  • A great photo props for taking photograph with your lovely pets, especially suitable for hedgehog and hamster,even little parrot..
  • Not only can served as decoration at pet's cage, it also can use to place some small items, likes earrings, necklace, keys,or USB..
  • Made by plastic and metal base, which it is enough sturdy for small pets.It is durable, safe and non-toxic. Applicable for hedgehog or hamster cages. Pets will enjoy to take a rest on it..
  • Seat's surface is smooth and each fulcrum wrapped with silica gel, so it is cleanable and prevent any scratches . It won't hurt pet's skin..
  • Adorable size for mini pets, in length of 4 inches, width is 4 inches, and height is 5.2 inches..
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Prevue Pet Products Travel Carrier for Birds, Small Cage Portable Crate for Pet Birds, Compact Birdcage with Handle, Black

  • Easy to Use: The bird travel cage is an ideal solution for short-term traveling or emergency situations to the vet. The bird-proof door lock prevents your bird from escaping while the comfortable design helps your pet feel at home..
  • Versatile: This carry cage is ideal for small to medium size birds and parrots including a parakeet, parrotlet, lovebird, caique, cockatiel, conure, small parrot, and budgie..
  • Comfortable: With plenty of interior space for your bird to feel content while remaining secure, this travel cage includes one shapeable rope perch for inside the cage plus a wooden perch play top..
  • High-Quality: Our black travel cage is rust-resistant, sturdy, and lighter than many other travel cages. The innovative welded bracket seat belt collars allow you to buckle the carrier into your car for secure automotive travel..
  • Dimensions: Our travel carrier for birds measures 18 ¾ inches long x 14 ⅞ inches wide x 18 inches high (25 inches high to top of play top) with ½ inch wire spacing. The top perch playtop also works as the cage handle..
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Tfwadmx Bird Bath for Cage Parakeet Hanging Parrot Shower No-Leakage Budgie Bathtub Tube Canary Birdbath for Small Pet Birds, Lovebirds, Conure, Cockatoos

  • 【Material】: The parrot bath box is made of thickened acrylic material,environmentally friendly and safe,light and strong,safe and non-toxic,long lasting.Colorful paw grinding stick is made of natural quartz sands and nature wood,edible coloring,food-grade safety for your lovely birds.The purpose of using transparent materials is to observe the state of the bird at all time..
  • 【Product Features】: Birds tubs is no-leakage design and parrots can take a water bath or sand bath without letting the water spill over and wet the carpet.It can also as a spill-proof food box or place of sleep.Entrance to add station pole design,protect their feet,convenient for birds to stand.Four rattan balls for birds to play with to prevent boredom..
  • 【Good For Bird Healthy】: Regular water baths are good for the health of birds.Not only does it clean feather dust and parasites, it also moisturizes skin and dissipates heat.The bird perches pole surfaces rough to give your bird a comfortable controlled grip and excellent foot exercise and keeps beaks and nails trimmed naturally..
  • 【Easy To Install And Clean】: The hanging bathtub is designed as hook or metal screw fixed on the cage for easy installation and removal,and can be washed easily.Every parrots colorful paw ....
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7‘’ Bird Mirror Coolrunner Mirror for Bird Cage Bird Mirror for Parakeets Cage Cockatiels Conures Cage Bird Parrot Mirror with Rope Parrot Chewing Toy

  • High-Quality Material: Our bird mirror are made of acrylic mirror, cotton rope and Galvanized iron accessories, non-toxic, resistant to abrasion, improve safety and durability, satisfy the curiosity of birds..
  • Size: the bird mirror size is 7 x 5 inch, suitable for most bird cages and bird, such as parakeets cage, cockatiel conures, lovebirds, Parrot, canaries and budgies.(Notice:Please tear off the protective film on the bird mirror surface before installation.).
  • Colorful Rope Perch: The colorful rope perch are durable and strong, very suitable for birds to stand and play, exercise balance and coordination, at the same time, can see yourself in the mirror..
  • Cuttlebone: Are made of natural cuttlebone, chew and bite resistant, provide nutrition for your pet, and can be stored for a long time, perfect for parrots, A good choice for pet molar toys..
  • 100% Satisfied: If you have any questions about Bird Mirror, please contact us, and we will solve them for you within 24 hours..
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Bird Mirror Wooden Hanging Swing Interactive Play Toys for Small Parrot Budgies Macaw African Grey Parakeet Cockatiel Conure Lovebird Cage Accessories (Bird Mirror Perch Stand-2 PCS)

  • SIZE: The bird mirror with bell size is 3.94* 5.91inch/ 10* 15cm.
  • the bird mirror perch stand size is 3.94* 3.94* 3.94inch/ 10* 10* 10cm..
  • SAFE MATERIAL: Made of natural wood, safe and non-toxic, resistant to wear and bites, durable, don't worry about parrots quickly destroying it..
  • SUITABLE: Perfect for parrots, such as small parrot budgies, macaw, african grey, parakeet, cockatiel, conure, lovebird, finch, amazon, eclectu, cockatoo, lorikeet and so on..
  • REDUCE LONELINESS: With a mirror design, the bird can see another one in the mirror, as if a partner is playing with it, alleviating boredom and reducing the bird's loneliness..
  • EASY TO INSTALL: This bird mirror toy With hook design, strong and reliable, it can be simply hung in the cage or other places you want to install, suitable for most bird cages, easy to install without any tools..
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Talavera Wall Parrot - 14\ H x 6.50\ W

  • PARROT DESIGN: The metal parrot decoration is composed of a parrot, two small flowers and four kinds of leaves. There are many colors on the metal parrot wall decoration, these colors are perfectly matched together, making the metal parrot more vivid and full of vitality..
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HeadphoneMate Rechargeable Battery for Parrot Zik 2.0, Parrot Zik 3 Headphones

  • Premium battery from industry leader HeadphoneMate.
  • This BRAND NEW replacement is 100% compatiable with your Parrot Zik2.0, Parrot Zik 3 Headphones. (NOTE: HeadphoneMate battery are only compatible with our HeadphoneMate charger and Parrot Zik2.0 Zik3.0 headphones.
  • they are NOT fit other after-market chargers!!!).
  • Note: these batteries are designed for Parrot Zik 2 and Zik 3 headphones, they are NOT compatible with Parrot Zik 1 headphones..
  • It has same capacity (830mAh/3.07WH) as Parrot Zik 2.0, Zik 3 battery, plus HeadphoneMate carefully designed it with comprehensive saftey features: include Short Circurity Protection, Overcharge protection, Over discharge protection, Over heat protection, CE Safty Certified!.
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Rypet Large and Small Parrot Chewing Toys - Parrot Cage Bite Toys Wooden Block Tearing Toys for Conures Cockatiels African Grey and Other Amazon Parrots

  • PARROT ESSENTIAL TOY: The bird toy provides essential physical activity to keep your feather friends stable and happy, and improve your health. If your parrot enjoy spending time undoing the knots and dismantling the toy, this toy is one of the best choice for you. This product is colorful, well-made, durable, with many pieces of wood and cotton knots, which satiates their natural urge to chew..
  • SAFE TO CHEW: Our chew toys for parrot are made of pure natual wood & cotton rope, all of them are dyed by edible pigments, and completed with pure handmade which are more bite resistand and durable..
  • BEAK TRIMMED: Parrot’s beak keeps growing to keep sharp. if her beak is long can affect the ability of the parrot to eat and damage her health. Our parrot cage toys contain colored wooden blocks and cotton knots in various shapes to attract your parrot to chew, help your feather friends to preen and condition their beak..
  • SUITABLE SIZE BIRD CAGE ACCESSORIES: Our large parrot toy is a perfect cage accessory for small medium and large birds. Suitable size is 14.2″ X 5.5″, It is suggested for budgies, parakeets, cockatiels, sun conure, lovebirds, african greys, blue and gold macaw, large cockatoo and a variety of Amazon parrots as well. Provide your bird an idea....
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XKFLAUHM Bright Resin Parrot Tiki Statue Bar Decorations, 41cm Realistic Tropical Garden Parrot Sculpture for Home Decor Outdoor Patio Garden Statues Bird Ornament Valentine's Day Gifts

  • 【Tropical Style Parrot Statue】- Bright colors and cute lines to draw a super lifelike parrot Statue, XKFLAUHM parrot Statues will bring tropical element to your home. You can hang the parrot decoration statues on your bedside, photo wall, patio wall, garden trees, outdoor bar or sunny front porch. Children will be willing to play with it, bring lots of fun to family or party..
  • 【Easy to Use】- There is a hole at the parrot’s belly, you can hang the parrot statue anywhere with nails or hooks. Parrot statues for home decor are great as creative craft gifts, home furnishings, wall decor furnishings, garden sculpture, courtyard statues, photo props, poor furnishings, etc..
  • 【Great Gift for Girl】- XKFLAUHM decorative Parrot statues are well protected in a thick case with perfect size, proper weight and exquisite workmanship. These birds garden statues is the best gifts you can give to the gardener friend or animal lover..
  • 【Durable Material】- XKFLAUHM parrot statues for decor use premium eco-friendly resin material, sculpted and hand-painted by skilled technicians, non-toxic, safe, and durable. You don't put too much effort into maintaining it or worrying about it breaking. It will not deformation and fading in extreme weather such as Heav....
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