Best Range Of Motion Measuring Device

2Pcs JSN-SR04T Integrated Ultrasonic Distance Measuring Sensor Transducer Module Waterproof

  • Working voltage:DC3-5.5V, Static current:5mA, Total current work: 30mA. Working range: 25cm-4M, Working frequency: 40KHZ, Detecting angle: 75 degree. The JSN-SR04T ultrasonic distance measuring module provides a measurement range of 21cm-600cm. Blind area is 20cm..
  • Integrated with sealed waterproof stripline probe, this sensor suitable for wet and harsh measurement occasions. Please note that the device is waterproof, but it couldn't work underwater..
  • Small size, easy to use, strong anti-jamming, high accuracy, low voltage and low power consumption. The module has a variety of modes that can be modified manually, suitable for testing and teaching experiments in different occasions..
  • Applications:It is widely used in horizontal distance ranging, obstacle avoidance, object distance measurement, car reversing sensors, security alarms, automatic control, security and industrial control, Intelligent traffic control and artificial intelligence teaching and research etc..
  • Package Included:2 x JSN-SR04T Ultrasonic Distance Measuring Transducer Sensor Waterproof.
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Arlo Q - Wired 1080p HD Security Camera | Night vision Indoor only 2-Way Audio | Cloud Storage Included | Works with Alexa VMC3040 Renewed

  • Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately).
  • 1080p HD resolution- Live stream sharp HD resolution from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Enhanced night vision capability lets you see clearly even in total darkness.Motion Detection Range,Adjustable up to 50 feet.,Wireless Range:300 feet....
  • Records motion or sound-triggered events in your cloud to be accessed from anywhere via the Arlo app.
  • 2-Way Audio - Built-in mic and speaker enable push-to-talk capability, so you can listen in and talk back.
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Starrett 156M Screw Pitch Gauge – Thread Measuring Metric Gage Tool with Locking Device, 0.25-2.5 Threads Per Millimeter, 28 Leaves

  • SCREW GAUGE MEASUREMENT TOOL: The Starrett Screw Pitch Gauge is among the most valuable tools in any mechanic's toolbox. It’s used to quickly determine the pitch of various sized screw threads.
  • 28 LEAVES: It features 28 folding leaves that are housed in a durable steel case Each leaf is clearly marked for measuring and matching up to different sized thread pitches.
  • LOCKING POSITIONS: There’s a positive stop locking device at both ends, so helicopter leaves can be securely locked in position for ease of use.
  • GAGES INTERNAL and EXTERNAL THREADS: This model screw pitch gauge is specially designed with narrow leaves that allow you to check both the internal and external threads of nuts and bolts.
  • METRIC MEASUREMENT RANGE: The Starrett 156M Screw Pitch Gauge offers a metric measuring range of 0.25 – 2.50mm TPI..
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Zero Tolerance for Silence

  • One touch operation to setup up motion detector.
  • Option to adjust the sensitivity of the motion detector.
  • Full HD video recording if your device supports it.
  • Instant email with before and after pictures and text/SMS notification. Custom sender email option for complete privacy.
  • During monitoring and video recording device appears turned off.
  • Option to show a digital clock during monitoring.
  • Change launcher icon so the app is completely discreet.
  • Option to play alarm sound when motion detected.
  • Auto lock device/screen when motion detector is activated.
  • Choose internal or external SD card for storing videos. Supports Android Lollipop.
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Mini Spy Camera Wireless WiFi Hidden Nanny Cam Security Baby Monitor Home Indoor Video Recorder with Live Feed Phone APP Motion Detection Night Vision Remote Viewing

  • Mini Rechargeable Device: FSTCOM 2022 smallest camera, with 6 non-luminous night vision lights, 90° wide angle HD len and motion sensor, magnetic....
  • Remote View & Motion Activated: Free APP allows you to remotely access and view live feed videos on your phone. With motion detection function, it....
  • Live Stream 1080P Video & SD Card Supported: This mini wireless camera is equiped with advanced 2.0MP image sensor and 90° wide angle len that can....
  • Motion Detection with Alarm Notification: Once motion and audio are detected, the camera will automatically alarm you with notification message.....
  • Night Vision & Rechargeable Battery: This covert camera has 6 non-luminous infrared lights that can deliver night view range up to 9.8ft(3m). Note: it....
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Testo Differential Pressure and Infrared Clamped Thermometers with Smartphone Operation for Bio-Labs, HVAC, and Detection of Hot Spots in Electrical Systems Model: 115i, 510i, 805i

  • Testo 115i: Temperature Range: -40 to +302°F | Accuracy: ±1.3 °C (-20 to +85 °C) | Resolution: 0.1 °C | Operating Temperature: -20 to +50 °C | Data transfer: Bluetooth | Radio range: 100m.
  • Testo 510i: Measuring range: -150 to 150 hPa | Accuracy: ±0.05 hPa (0 to 1 hPa).
  • ±(0.2 hPa + 1.5 % of m.v.) (1 to 150 hPa) | Resolution: 0.01 hPa | Operating temperature -20 to +50 °C.
  • Testo 805i: Measuring range: -22 to +482°F | Accuracy: ±1.5°C or ±1.5 % of reading (0 to +250°C) | ±2.0°C (-20 to -0.1°C) | ±2.5°C (-30 to -20.1°C) | Resolution: 0.01°C | Operating temperature: -10 to +50 °C | Laser marking: Diffractive optics (laser circle).
  • Battery type: 3 micro batteries AAA | Battery Life: 150 Hrs for Testo 115i & 510i and 300 Hrs for Testo 805i | Compatability: requires iOS 11.0 or newer / Android 6.0 or newer.
  • requires mobile end device with Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Supply Scope: I unit of Testo 115i, Testo 805i Thermometers and Testo 510i Differential pressure meter, Instruction Manual | Applications: HVAC – Detecting insulation breakdown, heat loss & gain and furnace & duct leakage.
  • Industrial/Electrical – Monitoring motor/engine cooling systems performance, boiler operations, steam systems and detection of hot spots in electrical systems and pane....
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Jabra Tour Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone - Black

  • Designed for great sound with HD Voice, noise cancellation technology and an extra large speaker.
  • Voice Control activates your Android or Siri voice engine.
  • control Jabra Tour with your voice including Answer/Ignore, Pair New Device, Battery and....
  • Built in motion sensor for Auto On and Auto Off, when device is not in use to save battery life.
  • Just pair to your phone and place Jabra Tour on your sun visor.
  • In car charger with additional USB cable so you can charge on the go.
  • Up to 20 hours of talk time and 45 days standby time.
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Broox 2023 Upgraded Solar Animal Repeller Ultrasonic Repellent Waterproof Wireless Motion Detection LED Flashing Light Dog Cat Repellent Squirrel Raccoon Skunk Rabbit Rodent Fox Deer

  • ...o you have problem with unwanted animals in your area, garden, farm, etc.? Are they destroying your garden or eating the fruits? Do they bring many viruses to you? Let's start to use Broox Animal Repellent to solve your problems! This effective device helps you to get rid of unwelcome animal visitors. It contains a motion detector system which detects movements and emits powerful ultrasonic sound and flashing LED light..
  • Repel animals in a humane way: Broox Solar Ultrasonic Animal Repellent repels animals by emitting ultrasonic sound, alarm and LED flashing light. When the motion detector, detects a motion, it will trigger the ultrasonic speaker to emit a high frequency noise which makes animals uncomfortable, therefore, keeps them away from the protected area..
  • Solar Powered and Waterproof (normal rain): With a solar panel on the top of the device, it can be charged by solar energy, that benefits in energy saving and environmental protection. It also can be charged with included USB cord. This outdoor repellent uses high-grade material with the weatherproof and UV-protected construction, which can protect itself against water splashed from all directions and withstand normal rain, snow, or the harsh sun. it is perfect for garden, yard, farm, etc..
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JOR Refractometer, Dual-Range Scale Device to Measure Salinity and Specific Gravity of Saltwater Aquarium and Reef Tank, Provides Accurate Reading, No Batteries Required, 1 Set per Piece

  • Dual-Range Scale Refractometer --- A healthy saltwater aquarium requires a salinity balance or the salt concentration in aquarium water. Refractometer by JOR helps maintain this fundamental parameter in your saltwater aquarium or reef tank, measuring both salt percentage and specific gravity. This measuring tool has a scale range of 0 to 100%, where 1% means one part per thousand (PPT) or 1000 parts per million (PPM) and with a corresponding specific gravity range of 1.000 to 1.070..
  • Provides Accurate Measurement Reading --- Forget guessing and estimating. This handy refractometer features automatic temperature compensation that gives precise, faster and easier readings..
  • Easy To Use --- Place 2 to 3 drops of aquarium water on the glass, then close the plastic cover. Look through the eyepiece as you hold it under a light source. Check the reading. The blue line indicates the exact salinity level..
  • High Quality And Economical --- This premium quality handheld refractometer has an aluminum alloy body, rubber grip, and adjustable focus. It doesn’t corrode, and since it is analog, it can also save you money because it doesn’t need batteries to operate, sparing you from buying replacements..
  • Complete Care Set --- This portable measuring device c....
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4-in-1 DEF Antifreeze Coolant Refractometer for Automobile Antifreeze System, Diesel Exhaust Fluid, Battery Acid and Windshield Washer Fluid

  • Function 1: Measuring freezing point of automobile antifreeze based on ethylene glycol or propylene glycol.Measuring Range: -50 to 0 ℃..
  • Function 2: Measuring specific gravity of battery acid and provide a quick reference of battery charge condition.Measuring Range:1.10 to 1.40 kg/l.
  • Function 3: Measuring windshield washer fluid based on ethanol or isopropyl alcohol.Measuring Range:-40 to 0 ℃.
  • Function 4:Measuring Urea Concentration in automobile diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).Measuring Range:30% to 35%.
  • Features automatic temperature compensation: makes it even easier to get fast results..
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