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ANTOP TV Antenna Amplifier, Smart Signal Boost with Dual Outputs for Second TV, FM Stereo, Projector or Any OTA-Ready Streaming Device, Support FM/VHF/UHF

  • 【Enhances Any Non-amplified Antenna】Increase signal reception range for more available channels. Provide a clearer signal for any passive or non-amplified HDTV antenna..
  • 【Adjustable】 A simple turn of a dial can help your antenna to amplifies FM, VHF and UHF signals. Dials-in the correct balance between short-range and long-range reception. (Tips: Please re-scan the channels after each turning of the smart boost dial.).
  • 【Dual Outputs】 ANTOP Amplifier can help you to simultaneously connect the antenna to a primary TV and second device: FM stereo, a second TV, or any ota-ready streaming device or Projector (include two 5ft coaxial cables).
  • 【Compatible with All Antenna Brands】Boost the OTA(Over-the-Air) TV signal received by the antenna. The SBS-602B is compatible with TV converter boxes and digital televisions including HD, 1080P, and 4K ULTRA HD..
  • 【Note】 We can not guarantee your TV will reveive more channels by installs an amplifier. It really depends on where you live. Signal towers, building materials or even the weather will effect the channels it pick up. Get an amplifier can give it a try..
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Danelectro Danelectro Honeytone Mini-Amp Amplifier - Aqua

  • 【7 amplifier models 】six guitar amps models (based on world-famous classic/boutique/modern amplifiers) and a "flat" model with an unprocessed....
  • 【Drum machine】40 drum patterns (incl. 10 metronome types) TAP button to set drum tempo.POP/ROCK/FUNK/METAL/BLUES/FUSION/METRO..
  • 【3 type effects 】Cyclops offers 3 types of effects: mod, delay, reverb. Each type gives you two selections, and one-knob control makes it easy to....
  • 【Wireless audio function】Wireless Audio Playback :Cyclops features BT audio function so that you can pair it with your phone and then enjoy your....
  • 【Beef Up Your Tone】Cyclops is a fresh design drawn from retroelements. It will add luster to your home no matter where you put it! Donner Cyclops....
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Xduoo TA-10R USB DSD DAC 12AU7 Tube Headphone Amplifier AK4490 XMOS Decoder AUX Input USB Digital Home Aduio DAC Amplifier(Black)

  • 【Tube + Transistor Hybrid Amplifier】XDUOO MT-602 adopts 6J1 tube for pre-amp and transistors for class-A buffer. The front tube amplifier and rear transistor combine the advantages of two amplifier circuits to achieve the ideal sound effect and make you immersed in the happy atmosphere of music.
  • 【Compact Portable Headphone Amplifier】As it adopts transistors for buffer, strong output power up tp 1300mW, can easily drive many kind of headphones. Moreover, designed with palm size(12*7.8*4cm), it’s easy to carry everywhere for real-time HiFi music experience.
  • 【Professional Capacitance】Apart from adopting the special enthusiast Japanese ELNA capacitance as the coupling capacitance to present have transparent and sweet sound, it also adopts the special enthusiast Japanese RUBYCON capacitance as the main filter capacitance to reach smooth and warm sound, and splendid high frequency..
  • 【Volume Control, AUX In/Out】This model is designed with one line output, through the tube, and controlled by volume. lt can be used as the Pre-amplifier of all kinds of audio amplifier or active speaker, and improve the sound quality of audio amplifier or active speaker. If you have any questions while using, please feel free to contact us..
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R+Co Grid Structural Hold Setting Spray 5 Oz

  • Volumizing Spray: Provides maximum lift at the root or all over volume for light weight, voluminous hair with a flexible hold. Great for limp and fine....
  • Benefits: A silicone free formula enhanced with proteins, provides impactful and long lasting root lift and body to the hair for a thickening effect.....
  • Additional Benefits: With a targeted nozzle, this spray allows for complete control to target precisely where you need extra volume, making it optimal....
  • High Amplify Collection: Best used as part of the professional High Amplify System of Shampoo, Conditioner and Proforma Hairspray with proteins to....
  • Suggested Use: After washing and conditioning with High Amplify shampoo and conditioner, apply to damp or dry hair. Direct the spray nozzle toward the....
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LZSIG Home Audio Amplifier Stereo Receivers with Phono Inputs,Bluetooth,RMS 240W,2.1-CH FM for Power Amplifier Stereo System,UPG for Active Subwoofer,Turntable,Vinyl Record Player

  • 240 WATTS TOSHIBA POWER TUBE - LZSIG home stereo amplifier receiver is driven by 4 Toshiba large power tubes to achieve 120W(L) channel+120W(R) 2.1 channel combination. Frequency response range:20-15000Hz,signal-to-noise ratio is as high as 82dB. Recommended to match a pair of dual 6.5-inch to 10-inch floor-standing front passive speakers to amplify and enjoy your home audio experience in the comfort of your home.
  • UPGRADED VERSION for PHONOGRAPH - The sound amplification mixer device can perfect match the MM or MC type phonograph.When using the MC type, please press the rear switch button.Furthermore,this home audio receiver is compatible with vinyl record player, active subwoofer, passive bookshelf speaker, front speaker, surround speaker, outdoor speaker, smartphones, iPads, iPhones and computers, which is widely used in home audio, bedroom, conference, karaoke, bar, etc.
  • 2.1 channel design - In addition to the left and right stereo design, the dual-channel multifunction digital stereo amplifier receiver also adds a bass output channel to form a 2.1 channel stereo + subwoofer wall of sound effect with various active subwoofers, allowing you to enjoy extraordinary professional sound quality. With Auto FM radio, digital LED display, RCA line in and lin....
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A ANNTLENT Cell Phone Signal Booster for Car RV Truck ANNTLENT Signal Booster 5 Bands Apply to All U.S. Carriers | Verizon AT&T Sprint | Amplifies 4G LTE 3G 2G Signal

  • ?Faster network speed? cell phone signal amplifier, amplify 4G/3G/2G signal, the network is smoother, and the answering call is clearer..
  • ?Applicable frequency band? ANNTLENT 5-band car mobile phone signal amplifier, suitable for most frequency bands in the United States. Including Band2/4/5/12/17/13 (700A/700V/850/1700/1900MHz)..
  • ?Working principle? The mobile phone signal amplifier uses an outdoor antenna to receive outdoor signals, It can only amplify signals, but cannot generate signals. Therefore, your outdoor signal needs to be stabilized at more than two bars..
  • ?Advanced function? Automatically adjust the system gain and power level to obtain the best effect.When the output signal is too strong or self-oscillated, the booster will automatically adjust to best condition..
  • ?Manufacturer ?- FCC Certification. ANNTLENT provides Professional Technical Support.
  • 5 Years Free Repairs for the booster host..
  • Compatible phone models: All Brand Smart Phone.
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Orion Ztreet Monoblock Car Amplifier – Class D Stereo Power Amplifier 2000 Watt Max, 1 Ohm Stable, Bass Boost, MOSFET Power Supply, Car Electronics Mono Sub Amp, Audio Speakers, Great for Subwoofers

  • QUALITY – This Class D Monoblock Car Amplifier for subwoofer exhibits quality frequency response rates and crossover network which places this amp at a prominent place. Durable design and highly efficient performance makes this mono sub amp stand out amongst the others..
  • 1 Ohm Stable – This monoblock class D subwoofer amplifier is able to power loads of 1 Ohm on a continuous basis without facing any difficulties like overheating, making extra sounds. This Class D mono sub amp is designed to power subwoofers that have a constant demand of high power in order to operate effectively..
  • Power – This Class D 2000 Watt Amplifier has a power rating distribution as followed 300 x 1RMS @ 1Ohm. The monoblock amplifier for car speakers also provides a 2-way protection circuitry as a part of its design..
  • Crossovers- The Orion Ztreet Monoblock Car Amplifier offers you the ease of connectivity by providing the feature of crossover. This mono sub amp offers you a low pass cross-over of 40Hz-250Hz and a 4 gauge power and ground terminals with a remote bass knob.
  • Features – The monoblock bass boost amplifier has features like – Frequency Response: 10Hz~250KHZ, Bass Boost, SNR:90DB, Remote Bass Knob, 2-way protection.
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Reizen Deluxe Bundle Loud Ear 110dB Gain Personal Amplifier with an Extra Pair of AAA Alkaline Batteries and Liberty Cleaning Cloth

  • Amplifies audio loud and clear to help hard of hearing individuals hear better.
  • An effective alternative to expensive hearing aids.
  • Features a built-in Microphone that picks up ambient noise from up to 100 feet away.
  • Volume control wheel turns on/off the device and amplifies up to 120dB of gain.
  • Purchase Includes - Reizen LoudEar Amplifier, Exra AAA Batteries (Total of 4) and a LIBERTY Cleaning Cloth.
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GLORYFIRE Ear Protection for Shooting Electronic Hearing Protection Noise Cancelling Ear Muffs

  • Built-in Power Amplifier: Gloryfire electronic hearing protection allows you to hear what's around you except gunshot while protecting your ears. Designed for shooters, hunters, and workplace employees who need face to face communications in noisy environments up to 82dB. Automatically amplifies low sounds while compressing loud sounds..
  • Electronic Hearing Protection:This shooting ear protection uses advanced electronic compression technologies to suppress harmful gunshot noise and amplify low-level sounds. Compared with other hearing protectors, our amplifier effect will be better. The earmuffs provide vivid and clear stereo sound through the built-in new chip, which can amplify the sound by up to 1.3 times, and better help you determine which direction the sound comes from..
  • Ergonomic Design:A slim cup design won’t get in the way of a rifle or shotgun when you mount it to your shoulder for firing. To ensure long-term comfort, our shooting ear muffs have solid padding all around, both to block out the sound of shooting and to maintain you get clear communication..
  • High-quality:In addition to shooting hearing protection, we use a high-end MP4 headphone cable, which greatly improves the sound quality and is very suitable for listening to music.The shoo....
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Keadic 85 Pieces 10 Types Integrated Circuit Chip Assortment Kit NE555 LM324 LM393 UA741 ULN2803 LM358 LM386 NE5532 ULN2003 PC817, DIP IC Socket Set for Opamp Single Precision Timer Pwm

  • ★1. Complete 10 Types: There are 85Pcs 10 values of integrated circuit chips to choose, including NE555 LM324 LM393 UA741 ULN2803 LM358 LM386 NE5532 ULN2003 PC817 DIP IC Sockets Solder Type Adaptor Connectors..
  • ★2. Cost-effective: Inlcuding almost all of useful IC types for daily assembly like precision timers, dual operational amplifiers, audio amplifiers, Darlington arrays, quad operational amplifiers, etc. It will save your money, time & energy to search for some special types everywhere..
  • ★3. Good Quality: Ourselves also use them for work & household circuit assembly. They are well made & durable, the pins are not easy to bent and can be re-aligned perfectly. If there are any issues during use, feel free to contact me please..
  • ★4. Wide Applications: They are widely used in daily assembly, such as precision timers, dual operational amplifiers, audio amplifiers, Darlington arrays, quad operational amplifiers, a bass guitar overdrive pedal's PCB, etc..
  • ★5. Perfect Package: Each type of DIP IC socket adaptors are packed in special compartment of clear container, besides, we also add a corresponding label to convenient for you find the right circuit chip quickly..
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