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Ramard Total Calm and Focus Prime & Nutritional Syringe for Horses - Equine Tension Relief - Vitamin B & Magnesium Horse Aid for Race & Training - Natural Oral Gel Supplement - 1 oz Syringe (3 Pack)

  • Promotes a healthy nervous system and support calmness in horses.
  • Specially designed for horses that show signs of hyperactivity or nervousness, or horses that are extra responsive to stress in their environment.
  • Contains calcium, magnesium, b-vitamins and the amino acid thiamine.
  • Beneficial for any horse that is stressed by trailering, vet visits, or is easily excitable, or for hot performance horses that become excitable prior to showing.
  • Supplied as a single, ready to use tube, containing 60 ml of paste.
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Perry Miniatures Plastic Toy Soldiers Kit 28mm World War II German Infantry Afrika Korps 1941-43 (38)

  • This Miniature Horse Shirt is Perfect for anyone who loves to Pet Mini Horses and adores all kinds of horses.
  • Spread your Horses Love with this tee that reads: Happiness is A Mini Horse..
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem.
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Gut Health Horse Weight Gain Supplement - Xtra Strength Peak Performance Top Dress Pellets (6 lbs) - Ulcer Aid for Horses That Promotes Weight Gain, Hoof Growth, Improved Mood, and Coat

  • BETTER HORSE JOINT HEALTH: Horses are heavy! Factors such as exercise, footing, and anatomical imperfections can increase the concussion and compression of your horse’s joints. An oral hyaluronic acid joint supplement may help equine joints and cartilage bounce back!.
  • JOINT SUPPLEMENT FOR HORSES: Equine vet visits can be expensive, help keep your horses’ joints supported. Hyaluronic acid supplements with a high molecular weight are an easy, tasteless solution for supporting joints and cartilage naturally..
  • AGE FIGHTING HORSE CARTILAGE SUPPORT: As age, anatomy and activity wear down the cartilage and joint lubrication of the joints, a equine joint supplement for horses can prolong the life of the joint and the cartilage cushion..
  • EASY TO ADMINISTER 30 DOSES: This HA supplement hyaluronic syringe administers 30mg of pure hyaluronic acid for horses, quickly and without fuss. The oral injector is easy to use and releases the perfect amount without waste..
  • Premium Quality Oral HA: Hyalogic Hyaluronic Acid Horse Joint Supplement has a high-molecular weight. Our product line, HyaFlex for dog or cat joint care and Hyalun PRO for equine performance supplements.
  • will help keep your pet vibrant, healthy and happy, both inside and out..
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Farnam 100506701 Red Cell Horse Vitamin & Mineral Pellets, 4-Lbs. - Quantity 4

  • What does Daily Red do? It takes the guesswork out of meeting your horse's mineral needs! Daily Red provides a full complement of all major trace minerals, plus key vitamins to support the immune system, vision, bones, muscles and nerves. With Daily Red your horse will achieve more vitality and a healthier appearance overall..
  • What horses will benefit? Daily Red is particularly well-suited for stall-bound horses, hard-working horses, nutritionally depleted horses, pregnant mares and growing foals..
  • How do I use it? Feed two ounces (two scoops) of Daily Red per day, per horse, for a full-sized horse. (See the pouch for other feeding amounts.) Simply top dress it on your horse’s feed, or feed separately, free choice. For best results, don’t feed Daily Red in combination with other salt blocks..
  • How long does it last? If fed daily using the typical feeding amount (two scoops), one tub of Daily Red will last 40 days..
  • Daily Red contains no fillers, no grains, no sweeteners and no artificial colors or flavors..
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Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals L-Lysine (5lb) for Equine Muscle/Immune Support

  • RESPIRATORY HEALTH: Supports normal respiratory function.
  • ALLERGY RELIEF: Helps with seasonal respiratory allergies.
  • HORSE COUGH SUPPLEMENT: Helps with stable cough and occasional dry cough due to environmental stress or irritants, such as dust.
  • STABLED HORSES: Perfect for stabled horses or horses with restricted turnout to maintain healthy airways.
  • HERBAL FORMULA: Unique formula contains a comprehensive blend of natural herbs and minerals.
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Barbie Groom 'n Care Horses Playset Doll (Blonde 11.5-in), 2 Horses & 20+ Grooming and Hairstyling Accessories, Gift for 3 to 7 Year Olds [Amazon Exclusive]

  • The Barbie Groom 'n Care playset is a horse lover's dream with Barbie doll, 2 pet horses and 20+ grooming and nurturing accessories!.
  • Set up the fencing, trough, shower and styling station, then get the grooming and styling fun underway..
  • Use ice-cold water to reveal colorful streaks in both horses' manes and reverse the color-change with warm water for repeat play!.
  • Load the styling tool, then place it on the horses' manes or Barbie doll's hair and press down to apply adorable butterfly clips..
  • Both horses' heads nod up and down to play out a sweet feeding moment -use the trough and carrot accessories to give the pets a snack..
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English Western Horse Leather BITLESS Bridle SIDEPULL Halter REINS Brown 7708BRF

  • Challenger sidepulls are perfect bitless training aid for horses that are not bit ready. Great for horses with sensitive mouths or have had an injury..
  • Features a padded crown, browband, and nose for added comfort. Hand crafted from quality black full-grain leather. Bridle comes accented with colored....
  • Fits most average to large horses. Sidepull comes complete with rust-free stainless steel hardware and matching split leather reins..
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HOOF-IT Natural Flex Horseshoes US Size 00 / EU 115

  • Plastic horseshoes made from a plastic composite material which provides excellent shock absorption combined with therapeutic hoof support..
  • Reduces Concussion and Improves Circulation, which aids in comfort for horses with navicular, side bone, ring bone and other degenerative issues..
  • Durable, these shoes are guaranteed for at last at least one full shoeing cycle..
  • These plastic horseshoes is available in sizes that accommodate all sizes from ponies to draft horses..
  • These alternative plastic horseshoes are a great option for horses of all disciplines..
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Coat Defense Daily Preventative Powder for Horses - Safe & Effective Equine Sweet Itch, Skin Funk, Scratches, & Rain Rot Treatment - Dry Shampoo for Horses, 8 oz Formula with All Natural Ingredients

  • HORSE ITCH RELIEF: Our daily preventative powder is an effective rain rot treatment for horses! Formulated with natural ingredients, it provides relief from your horses’ itchy and inflamed skin caused by insect bites, allergies, hives, or sweet itch. To clean and deodorize your horses’ skin, just brush this powder through its coat, mane, and tail. It offers a beautiful shine without any need for soap, water, or harsh chemicals!.
  • ELIMINATE RAIN ROT, FUNGUS & MORE: The perfect wound care for horses! Forming an effective barrier against skin and coat ailments, our waterless shampoo for horses helps in drying up sweat and keeping your horse looking and smelling great. Additionally, this powder works to eliminate and prevent skin and ailments like rain rot, thrush, scratches and odor..
  • PREVENT SKIN FUNK: This powder protects against infection and dissipates odor! To prevent “skin funk”, use this powder under saddle pads, blankets, and in therapeutic boots to keep your horse dry and odor-free. Use this powder to prevent chafing/rubs under equipment like boots and Rx boots. It can be used as a horse scratches treatment as it prevents scratches or mud fever which can later lead to leg fungus that can turn into harmful cellulitis on your horse..
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Kentucky Performance Prod 044343 Neigh-Lox Advanced Digestive Supplement for Horses, 8 lb

  • Neigh-Lox Advanced provides a scientifically advanced blend of ingredients that work synergistically to maintain your horses digestive tract in peak condition.
  • Horses with a healthy GI tract digest their feed more effectively so they absorb additional nutrients.
  • Horses are less likely to suffer from digestive upsets and they perform better and feel great every day.
  • Reduces colonic irritation, ulcers, Colic, and laminitis related to hindgut acidosis.
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