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ZuwaUSA Drill Powered Pump ¾” 8 GPM - Marine Grade Aluminum | Unistar-2001A (Drill not included)

  • CONNECTION: 3/4” NPT | Dry self-priming to 13 Ft. | Max temperature 200°F | Working pressure of 58 PSI | The 3/8” shank fits all common chucks for most drills.
  • FLUID VISCOSITY: 1 (water) to 20,000 cP (heavy gear oil) | Transports a wide range of liquids, including liquids containing solids, oils, and corrosives.
  • DRILL POWERED: ZUWAUSA heavy-duty drill powered pump is designed to work with rechargeable/electrical drills with a maximum speed of 3,000 RPM.
  • FLUID TRANSFERS: water, seawater, wastewater, diesel fuel, biodiesel, vegetable oils, gear, motor and heating oil, detergents, antifreeze, chemicals, cooling lubricants..
  • EXAMPLE APPLICATIONS: diesel / home heating oil, remote sludge transfer, gear box oil changes, domestic water supply, flooded basements, barrel emptying/filling, draining waste oil, sewerage disposal, fueling vehicles, car wash, draining aquariums, disposal of cooling lubricants, bilge pump, booster pump..
  • OTHER TERMS FOR THIS PRODUCT: Coolant purge pump, Water purge pump, Oil purge pump, Fluid purge pump, Drill pump, portable water pump, portable oil pump, portable coolant pump, Heating oil transfer pump.
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ABN Manual ATF Filler System – 3L Manual Transmission Fluid Pump Tool for Automatic Transmission with System Adapters

  • SAVE MONEY ON TRANSMISSION SERVICE WORK: Checking and changing your transmission fluid keeps your automatic transmission lubricated and running smoothly and it helps to avoid wear on your clutches.
  • But going to a mechanic can cost up to a few hundred for a transmission fluid change.
  • Skip the hassle by changing the transmission fluid yourself with the ABN 3L Manual ATF Fluid Pump Automotive Fluid Transfer Pump Fluid Dispensing System.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Large 3-liter (101.4 oz) fluid container is made of thick plastic for durability and longevity and features 4 supports on its base to enhance stability while you work.
  • Pressure gauge can register up to 30 PSI and faces upwards for easy visibility.
  • 5.3 foot (1.6m) fluid dispensing hose features swivel thread connector to link to filler unit and a metal dispenser with a shut off valve.
  • Metal dispensing nozzle uses an easy-release locking mechanism to hold adapters in place securely.
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE SYSTEM: With so many little parts it might be easy to lose pieces, but the 21-inch hook and loop adapter belt and 14-inch (35.5 cm) extension band easily fit around the fluid transfer pump automotive filler system for easy organization when working or in storage.
  • 11 elastic slots hold the included transmission fl....
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Power Steering Tank, Power Steering Reservoir ABS ehicle Replacement 32411097164 Fit for 318i / X3 / X5

  • Automotive power steering fluid is a new technology to increase comfort in automobiles..
  • Automatically provide steering force when the driver is turning..
  • Power steering oil can effectively reduce driver's steering pressure..
  • Power steering oil acts to transmit steering forces and cushioning..
  • OE Number: The reference OE number is 32411097164..
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EAI Oil Seal Compatible for Honda OEM# 91203-KCY-671

  • !!SAME BUSINESS DAY SHIPPING!! SUPERIOR QUALITY and DURABILITY: EAI Automotive Oil Seals are engineered with sturdy Carbon Steel Spring and high strength Nitrile Rubber for reliable and long-lasting performance. The rubber cover seal is lightweight and not easy to age..
  • SEAL OFF LEAKAGE and DIRT: No more getting stressed up by spills from your rotary elements! Crafted with Nitrile Rubber, Garter Spring and Carbon Steel Case, this oil seal effectively prevents the leakage of lubricants and prevents the entry of dust and dirt into your precious machine..
  • OEM# : 91203KCY671. The perfect Automotive Oil seal for your HONDA Vehicle.
  • HIGH-TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE: With its 70A Nitrile Butadiene Rubber cover material design, this spring loaded metric rotary shaft will withstand temperatures from -40℉ to 226℉.
  • HYDROCARBON FLUIDS: Engineered for the hydrocarbon fluids sealing environment, this oil seal boosts a good resistance to grease, mineral oil, hydraulic fluids, and petroleum oil. What more, this seal has low swelling in water, ensuring long term use..
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Buytra 2 Pack 100ML Plastic Syringe with Handy Tubing 80cm Long for Injecting, Drawing Oil, Fluid and Water

  • 100CC large plastic syringe with attached 31.5" long tube, ideal for injecting, draining fluid, oil, water.
  • 100ml capaicy- a handy size for either siphoning off fluid from an over-fill, or filling difficult to access assemblies.
  • 31.6"Long Tubing- the attached hose works well for extracting liquids from otherwise hard to reach places and also can be cutted to the required length as your purpose, flexible to use.
  • Clear Volume Markings- easy-to-read graduation lines on the side for easily measuring liquids while transfering them.
  • A range of applications- can be used as a car oil syringe for sucking brake, supercharger oil, clutch, hydraulic, or power steering fluid out, also as a garden syringe for measuring liquid nutrients, as well as great for glueing projectsDescriptionBuytra 2 Pack 100ML Syringe with Handy Tubing 80cm Long for Injecting, Drawing Oil, Fluid and Water, Measuring Nutrients.
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FXTUL Transmission Fluid Pump, 8L Pneumatic Transmission Oil Extractor Pump Set with 20 PCS Filling Adapters 2 Way Manual ATF Refill System Dispenser ATF Pump Compatible with BMW, Ford, Audi etc.

  • ✯✯✯【Ultra-safe Design】Includes a pressure monitoring gauge to observe the flow of liquid and a safety valve (preset at 43 PSI) to relieve pressure in case of overload. Extraction working pressure: max. 170psi. / Dispensing working pressure: max. 43psi. Our transmission fluid pump is made of corrosion-resistance material, and it can withstand high pressure and also easy to wash. There will be no air leakage, cracking or liquid spilling, and also guarantee your safety..
  • ✯✯✯【Configured with 20 adapters for superb compatibility】The fluid transfer pump comes with 20 common adapters, that fit a variety of automobiles, including famous cars like BMW, Porsche, VW, Honda, Audi, and many others. Simple push-on coupler design, You can flush and change the oil for your vehicles. All the adapters are installed in a toolbox, with clear model identification..
  • ✯✯✯【8L Capacity】Our pneumatic ATF pump has an 8L large capacity. 2M PU hose with one touch controller gun to connect with transmission filling adapter enables the steady operation of the flow volume and easy to do the dispensing jobs. Without the splashing during the work. It provides an easy way to extract and dispense transmission fluid quickly and cleanly. It's an ideal tool for ....
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ATPEAM Pneumatic Vacuum Brake and Clutch Fluid Bleeder Tool Kit | Car Truck Motorcycle Brake Oil Change Set with Extractor and Refill Bottle, 4 Master Cylinder Adapters, 2 Air Quick Plugs

  • ... changing brake and clutch oil, as well as suck out old oil and air from replaced brake system on motorcycle car truck and pickup. Connect the extractor to the air compressor and brake caliper, turn on high power air compressor to 90-120PSI, negative pressure is generated in the braking system to suck out the waste fluid and air, and guide the new oil to fill the whole brake system..
  • One Man Operation: Refill bottle can be held on the brake fluid reservoir. On the 1L waste oil extractor bottle, there is a the hanger which can hook on the engine hood and keep the bottle above the vehicle bleeder valve, as well as the trigger locker is also helpful for hand-free when suck. Also, you do not need to tread the brake pedal again and again when use this brake and clutch bleed tool..
  • Automatic Brake Refill Device: There is a long screw fittings on 0.8L refill bottle cap, which can work with the master cylinder adapter to snap on the mouth of the vehicle's brake fluid reservoir, without hand support. Fully open the valve on the long screw, the fluid will flow out, and stop once the brake fluid level in the reservoir has been sufficient to cover the threaded port, no need to keep an eye on it. But if 0.8L is not enough, remember to add new oil in time.
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LUBEWORKS Oil Transfer Pump Air Operated Pneumatic 40lpm / 10.6gpm Heavy Duty 5:1 High Fluid Pressure 870Psi for SAE240 Oils/Fluids (NOT for Gasoline or Diesel)

  • The 5:1 is perfect for fluid oil transfer in high volume and longer distance applications, such as truck shop service fleet facilities and in-plant applications.
  • Corrosion-resistant design utilizes liquid salt nitriding, nickel plating, stainless steel, aluminum and chrome on key components for longer life.
  • Few moving parts in the air motor assembly means less downtime and low repair cost.
  • Large air porting design provides efficient use of compressed air supply for continuous pump operation without icing.
  • Typical fluids handled include motor oil, synthetic oil hydraulic, suitable for use oil to sae130 oil, gear oil, and automatic transmission fluid. Also Suitable for oil to SAE240 usage..
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Crestware OPL04 4 oz Stainless Steel One Piece Ladle

  • Applications: Trans fluid, power steering fluid and sas/oil additives and water..
  • Use for car oil changes, gas additives, transmission fluids, power steering and more..
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FloTool 10714MX3 Super Funnel Trio

  • Ideal multi-purpose tool constructed with innovative and sturdy design.
  • Covers a wide range of fluid applications including trans fluid, power steering fluid, gas/oil additives, and oil.
  • Includes three funnels that fit all sizes of filler tubes.
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