Noah's Epic Journey Through a Supernatural World: Chronicles of the Nephilim Book 1

Jun-01-2023 by Ginger
noah primeval is an epic bible novel that takes readers on a thrilling journey into the supernatural realm of the nephilim. this is the first book in the chronicles of the nephilim series. the book focuses on the life of noah, who is chosen by god to build an ark to save humanity from a catastrophic flood.

but this is not your typical retelling of the noah's ark story. the author, brian godawa, weaves together biblical history with ancient mythology to create a gripping narrative of cosmic conflict, love, betrayal, and redemption.

in this world, fallen angels, human-demon hybrids, and giant beings roam the earth. noah must navigate this dangerous world as he builds the ark and follows god's command to save his family and the animals. along the way, he encounters dark forces that are determined to stop him and his mission.

noah primeval is a fascinating and imaginative work that appeals to fans of historical fiction, fantasy, and biblical literature. it provides a fresh perspective on the biblical account of noah's ark and brings the story to life in a compelling way. join noah on his incredible adventure and discover the supernatural battles that shaped our world.
Noah Primeval A Supernatural Epic Bible Novel Chronicles of the Nephilim Book 1
"noah primeval" is a supernatural epic bible novel that tells the story of noah and the great flood, as it is depicted in the book of genesis. the author, brian godawa, is a professional hollywood screenwriter and author known for his epic stories that blend fact and fiction, myth and reality, and spiritual and supernatural elements. and "noah primeval" is no exception.

the book is the first part of the "chronicles of the nephilim" series, which is a fictional retelling of the bible stories, inspired by the apocryphal book of enoch. the series portrays the ancient world as a place where supernatural beings such as angels, demons, and nephilim (the offspring of angels and human women) had a significant influence on human history.

in "noah primeval," godawa tells the story of noah, a righteous man who is chosen by god to build an ark and save his family and some of the animals from the impending flood. the book begins with a prologue that introduces the reader to the supernatural world and the "watchers," a group of fallen angels who come to earth and corrupt humanity by mating with human women.

as the story progresses, we are introduced to characters such as methuselah, enoch, and shem, who are all descendants of adam and have special spiritual gifts. we also meet the nephilim, who are portrayed as giants with superhuman abilities, and the "sons of god," who are the heavenly beings that created them.

godawa's portrayal of the great flood is vivid and awe-inspiring, with the rising waters, the chaos, and the destruction of the world bringing a powerful sense of dramatic tension to the story.

throughout the book, godawa weaves in themes and motifs that are prevalent in the bible, such as sin, righteousness, judgment, and grace. the novel also explores the relationship between god and humanity, and how the characters' faith and obedience to god leads to their salvation. the book is a blend of historical fiction and supernatural fantasy, and it presents a unique and thought-provoking perspective on the biblical story.

"noah primeval" is an excellent book for readers who are interested in biblical stories and supernatural tales. the author's writing style is engaging, and the vivid descriptions and dynamic characters make the story come to life. the book offers a fresh and creative retelling of the biblical story of noah and the great flood, and it presents spiritual and supernatural themes in a compelling and thought-provoking manner. whether you're a fan of epic stories, biblical tales or supernatural fiction, "noah primeval" is definitely worth a read.