Say Goodbye to Messy Hair Washing with DMI Portable Inflatable Shampoo Bowl Ideal for Elderly and Disabled

May-31-2023 by Pistachio
looking for a convenient way to wash or cut hair without having to leave the bed or chair? the dmi portable shampoo bowl is an inflatable basin that fits snugly around the neck and fills up with water to create a comfortable and sturdy area for shampooing, rinsing, and cutting hair.

made of durable vinyl, this bowl is easy to inflate and deflate, and comes with a drain hose and stopper to help you empty the used water directly into a sink or a bucket. its generous size (24 x 20 inches) and white color make it suitable for various hair-related tasks, such as hair coloring, styling, or trimming, without creating a mess or a strain on the neck and back.

ideal for the elderly, disabled, bedridden, or handicapped individuals who have limited mobility or who prefer to receive hair care services at home, this portable shampoo bowl can also be used in hospitals, nursing homes, or salons that offer mobile hairdressing. lightweight and compact when deflated, the dmi portable shampoo bowl is a practical and affordable solution for anyone who values convenience, hygiene, and comfort.
DMI Portable Shampoo Bowl Inflatable Shampoo Bowl and Wash Basin for Bedside and In Bed Hair Washing Hair Cuts and Hair Coloring for the Elderly Disabled Bedridden and Handicapped 24 X 20 White
as we grow older, we tend to face more health issues, which can negatively affect our daily routine. one challenge that older adults may face is difficulty with personal hygiene, particularly hair washing. for those who are bedridden or have mobility issues, washing their hair can seem nearly impossible. dmi portable shampoo bowl provides a solution to this problem.

the dmi portable shampoo bowl is an inflatable shampoo basin and wash basin that facilitates hair washing, cutting, and coloring, all while being comfortable and convenient for the user. this product is not only helpful for elderly people, but also for those who have disabilities, are bedridden, or have mobility issues.

one of the greatest benefits of the dmi portable shampoo bowl is the ease of use. the shampoo bowl is quick and easy to set up, meaning that there is no need for additional tools or complicated instructions. the head and neck pillow are designed for extra comfort and support, allowing for a more relaxed experience. the double-layer tubing provides protection against any water spillage, thus ensuring that the bedding or flooring remains dry.

this portable shampoo basin is not only easy to use but is also extra deep, allowing for enough room to wash long hair without making a mess. the portability of the product also means that one can use it virtually anywhere, including in bed or beside their favorite chair. it is an excellent option for elderly people, who often find it difficult to move around.

one notable feature of this product is that it is inflatable, which means that when not in use, it can be easily deflated and stored in a compact space. this makes it a great space saver, even in small homes. the product comes with a drain and a 40-inch drain tube for easy cleanup after use.

the dmi portable shampoo bowl provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for those who cannot make the regular salon visits or have a caregiver on call to help with hair washing. it can serve numerous purposes, which makes it a must-have for elderly people, those in long term bed rest, and individuals with limited mobility.

when looking for an ideal portable shampoo basin or wash basin, one needs to consider certain factors. ease of use should be a priority. second, it should be comfortable to use and provide adequate support for the user. it should be durable and easy to maintain.

the dmi portable shampoo bowl is a handy product that provides an effective solution for elderly people, those with mobility issues, and anyone needing assistance with hair washing. it is easy to use, convenient, portable, and quick to set up and put away. it is an efficient way to maintain good hygiene, even when you can't leave the comfort of your bed.