Upgrade Your Bike Brakes with SHIMANO's T Type Brake Lever Set Smooth, Reliable Stopping Power!

Jun-02-2023 by Cheetah
shimano brake lever set with t-type cable, designed to provide top-notch performance and reliability for your cycling needs. this brake lever set features a durable black finish and comes with a t-type cable measuring 1400-1600mm in length. the ergonomic lever design allows for comfortable braking and easy handling on your bike. with shimano's trusted reputation for quality and durability, this brake lever set is a must-have for any cyclist looking for a reliable braking system. upgrade your bike today with the shimano brake lever set with t-type cable.
SHIMANO Brake Lever Set w/T-Type Cable 1400x1600mm Black
first up, we have the compatibility of this brake lever set. it is designed to work with both v-brakes and mountain bike mechanical disc brakes. this means that it is a versatile component that can be used on a wide range of bike models. it has an adjustable reach feature. this allows you to personalize the position of the brake lever to your specific hand size and preference. by doing this, you can ensure that the brake lever is always within reach and easy to operate.

the next feature to discuss is the long pull brake lever actuation. this means that the lever requires more force to activate the brake than a standard road bike lever. this is important for mountain biking because it provides more stopping power and control when riding on rough terrain. with a long pull lever, you can apply greater pressure to the brake system, resulting in a faster deceleration speed and increased confidence when descending steep hills.

moving onto the cable head, we have the t-type cable design. this is a unique feature of the shimano brake lever set that provides a secure and reliable connection between the lever and cable. the t-type cable is designed to work seamlessly with mountain bike cables and housing, ensuring smooth and consistent performance. it is compatible with cable lengths ranging from 1400mm to 1600mm. this allows you to customize the length of your cables to fit your specific bike model and setup.

we have the brake lever use and pair function of this component. the shimano brake lever set w/t-type cable is sold as a pair, meaning that you get both a left and right brake lever. this is important for mountain biking because it ensures that you have equal braking power and control on both sides of the bike. the brake lever use is designed specifically for mountain bikes. this means that the shape, size, and position of the lever are optimized for off-road riding. the lever is easy to operate and provides a comfortable grip, even in wet or muddy conditions.

the shimano brake lever set w/t-type cable is a versatile and high-performing component for any mountain bike enthusiast. its compatibility with both v-brakes and mtb mechanical disc brakes, adjustable reach, long pull brake lever actuation, t-type cable design, and brake lever use/pair function make it an excellent choice for riders of all skill levels. if you want to upgrade your bike's braking performance and control, consider adding the shimano brake lever set to your setup.